Wednesday, July 05, 2006


India’s first definitive superhero? Definitely not! For starters, the guy turns ‘superhero’ only in the second half and to top it he’s never in India when he finally does become 'Krrish'. Also unlike a Superman, Batman or a Spiderman – Krrish doesn’t chase the bad guy to save humankind - he leaps, jumps and zips around to rescue his father (so bloody selfish!). And yes he does save the odd kid from getting killed on a Singapore road while he is on his vengeance trip.

After the completely ‘paisa-vasool’ Koi Mil Gaya Rakesh Roshan disappoints with a premise which holds so much promise. Bad script, Bad acting, Bad camerawork, Bad music, Bad direction… unfortunately Hrithik as ‘Krrish’ has to battle the bad guys AND all these Bad, Bad, Bad elements that plague the film. The first part attempts to rest on a comedy and romance track that’s so weak and ancient that you wonder WHAT the six contributors to the screenplay had in mind. Priyanka Chopra crash lands into a forest and literally puts on a babe-in-the-woods act, but fails to impress (you could replace her with a rag doll and no one would notice).

Naseer enters the plot you think things are going to speed up BUT then comes the biggest surprise of all – the ‘Baap of all actors’ puts on whats probably his worst act till date. The story plods along pushing products like Tide, Bournvita, Lays etc. heading nowhere in particular. The most disappointing aspect of it all is that whats been sold as a superhero film is just not a superhero film. Leaping across buildings, waltzing through bullets and taking on 6 baddies at the same time – come on, Amitabh Bachchan and co. have been doing that (and quite convincingly) for decades now.

But truth is ‘Krrish’ is setting the box-office on fire. It’s first week collections reportedly crossed the 60 crore mark! So the real superhero out there is the marketing team at Filmkraft which has managed to sell the just the idea of ‘Krrish the superhero’ by stringing together the best 30 seconds of stunts there is in the film into a promo. As for India’s first definitive superhero… give me ‘Mr India’ any day!


Blogger silbil said...

i think you will be to come to terms with the disappointment if you remind yourself that krrish is a better version of shaktiman (ummm hrithik is better than mukesh khanna) or sonpari....that is to say that it is for the all ads...
like dhoom and i have seen better bike was kids who all want to grow up to john and ride bikes and drink bournvita and fly like krrish...for our age i guess we can be content with classic love stories like veer zaara and fanaah

and here is a funny review of krrish
just scroll down and look for is worth a read!

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